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When placing an order with Stay Rad! Scooters you agree to the terms and conditions defined within our store policies. We advise you to review our store policies prior to placing an order to acquaint yourself with your rights and obligations as a patron of Stay Rad! Shop.


For more information about our shipping & handling guidelines, click here.


Stay Rad! Shop currently  accepts MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover and Paypal. Checks and money orders are not accepted at this time. No exceptions will be made. For a secured transaction, you are required to provide a correct billing address and security code to successfully process an online/phone order purchase. Be advised we offer an option to enter a separate billing and shipping address if needed. Both the billing and shipping address must be within Canada.


Stay Rad! Shop operates all across Canada. Sales Tax will be determined based on the geographical area the product is being delivered to. The total amount of sales tax will be invoiced to each order automatically strictly adhering to the individual Provincial Taxation policies of the customer. 


Our team makes every effort to keep our site’s inventory updated but due to fluctuating supply we cannot always guarantee availability. If an item results to be out of stock or has an impending arrival date, you will be contacted via email or telephone by one of our representatives. Be advised your card is charged at time of purchase. You are welcomed to contact Stay Rad! during business hours to check for accurate availability prior to your purchase. permits customers to purchase items that are listed as “out of stock”. This item will be placed on backorder and will ship once it becomes available. Our product(s) return dates are only approximations. Be advised delays may occur.


Stay Rad! Shop strives to always preserve low prices. Be advised prices are subject to change at any time without notice due to dealer/manufacturer updates.


Stay Rad! Shop does not warranty scooters or parts. Stay Rad! Shop facilitates customers warranties with the manufacture’s, within the manufactures warranty period. Product warranties may vary by manufacturer. Warranty is normally limited to replacement of defective parts with working parts of equal or greater value. Warranty coverage is offered at the discretion of the product manufacturer. Stay Rad! Shop will facilitate a 15-day manufacturer warranty effective after purchase date. The patron is responsible for any warranty claims made after the 15-day period.

Broken scooters and decks due to impact are not considered defective, freestyle scootering is a action sport. If you attempt a trick it’s possible to snap, crack or fracture a deck, any deck, and that is not covered under warranty. Inspect the entire scooter before you ride everyday. Bent bars due to impact are not warrantied at anytime. Scooter wheels often have problems when a rider lands sideways, after doing a trick such as a tailwhip or 360. The sideways impact of hard landings likes these, can cause even the best quality wheels to “chunk” or “dehub”. All warranties are facilitated by Stay Rad! Shop, but warrantied by the manufacture.

What IS covered under warranty:

1) The complete dehubbing of a wheel as a result of the failure of the urethane to stick to the core.
2) Any other failing of the wheel as a result of a manufacturing fault e.g. The core snapping or bending or the bearing hole ovalising (only if the bearings have been fitted professionally by the retailer)
3) Any failing of the urethane (If the urethane has chunked, split, cracked or dehubbed – FROM THE CORE TO OUTSIDE EDGE OF WHEEL)

What is NOT covered under warranty:

1) Any damage on the surface of the urethane, as this is caused by how the wheel is ridden & is not a manufacturing fault of the urethane.
2) It is normal for urethane to show signs of stress, especially if ridden on tarmac or other uneven surfaces. This often shows up as thin cracks in the wheel. Such cracks are NOT covered under warranty.
3) Flat spots, indents & general wearing of the urethane are NOT covered under warranty.
4) Any wheel with more than 30% wear or any wheel that is deemed to be intentionally damaged is NOT covered under warranty.

Warranties are non-transferable. Please be aware that any shipping costs involved with returns will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipping costs involved in any returned order are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, and are non-refundable. Any unauthorized returned goods, or refused delivery will be charged a 10% re-stocking fee, as well as any shipping charges involved in the return.  We do not accept returns after 15 days from delivery. We ship to the address provided, exactly as it was ordered, after that, the responsibility for the product lies in the hands of the carrier.

Any structural damage due to neglect or abuse will not be covered in any warranty. Natural wear and tear is not covered.


Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges page for more information.

If you have received a damaged or defective item, please visit our Damaged or Defective Items page for our guidelines.

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